Hospitality is our Middle Name.

Lady Americana Midwest has been a leader in hospitality and wholesale bedding for over 70 years. Established in Grand Rapids, MI Lady Americana Midwest builds each mattress in house with the highest quality components.

Famous for the Ameri-Spring continuous coil design, the Lady Americana series of mattresses are built to distribute the weight of two sleepers equally producing a better nights sleep for both – no more “sinking” to one or the other.

The combination of all our quality components creates the best sleep value available.

Our Mission

Lady Americana puts its money (and ultimately your money) into the mattress you sleep on, not into expensive advertising campaigns that won’t support you while you sleep. Unlike all those “Name Brand” mattress companies that spend millions to tell you why their products are the best, Lady Americana puts its money into making the highest quality mattresses on the market. We take the most economical approach by making superior, state of the art mattresses available at a value conscious price.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know your mattress is as Michigan as you are?

Lady Americana is manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI. This limits your exposure on the environment (shorter delivery mileage) as well as supporting locally made products and employees. Lady Americana nationally has a green initiative “Eco Comfort”… that Lady Americana Midwest participates in and is in the process of completing all of the qualitifications

Just some of the Green Initiatives that we put into place…

Lady Americana’s commitment is to leave the smallest environmental footprint as possible. We have switched to energy efficient lighting and appliances where ever possible. Every bit of waste that can be recycled is baled and recycled instead of going to the landfill. Let’s work together to save our environment.

The Eco-Comfort® Initiative ensures that our production procedures meet stringent environmental protection standards

Our mattresses are manufactured using foam produced by Natural Foam Technology™ (NFT), which utilizes naturally occurring CO2, a substance exhaled by animals and used by plants. This foam is bio-based, fully recyclable and made without the use of CFC’s. Currently, there is not a more natural way to produce foam. CertiPUR – US Certified.

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