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When we started making mattresses 70 years ago, we arrived at three basic principles:


We agreed we would always make the best mattress we could possibly make.


We agreed that if costs went up, we wouldn’t cut the quality of components to compensate. The integrity of the product, sleep quality and durability came first.


We’ve actually increased the quality of our mattresses. We have worked tirelessly to find and use the most technologically advanced components and manufacturing techniques to insure that we keep providing the best sleep and value.



Did you sleep at one?

If you are searching for the mattress that produced the best rest you have ever had while visiting one of our partner properties, you have arrived at the right place! View the Satisfied Sleeper page.

We have been purchasing mattresses from lady Americana for the past several years and I am delighted to advise you that I firmly believe they are the best possible choice for the hospitality industry.

”General, ”Hotel

Lady Americana mattresses are available at select retail locations in the Midwest. These specialty furniture stores have clientele that value, quality and durability – Lady Americana mattresses fit these showrooms perfectly. Lady Americana mattresses are handcrafted for longevity.


Want to sell Lady A Mattresses?


Time to remodel? Lady Americana mattresses can accommodate resorts, hotels, universities and other institutions. The highest quality components inside each Lady Americana mattress will provide a better nights sleep your guests will remember. All of our mattresses are manufactured with the highest quality components, that exceed any and all national brand industry standards.

It is almost a daily occurrence that a guest will comment on the comfort of our beds. During this time as well, at least 30 mattresses were ordered by guests for their private homes or cottages due to their comfort.


”Owner”, ”The

But why choose Lady Americana?

Because we care about your customers' experience. These are just a few of the many reasons why Lady Americana mattresses provide the best night's sleep, comfort life and durability.


Linked coils perfectly contour to each sleeper's body shape for balanced support and proper spinal alignment.


"W" shaped coils are the latest in innerspring technology. Utilizing high tensile strength wire more effectively provides ideal comfort, support and durability.


360° STEEL ENCASED BORDER sitting on the edge of Lady Americana mattresses will not break down the border.

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