Why Have Lady Americana on Your Floor?

Differentiate your store with exclusive products that exceed national brand quality at competitive prices.

We have multiple product categories and programs that fit your store demographics and clientele.

But first: Why choose Lady Americana?

Because we care about your customers’ experience. These are just a few of the many reasons why Lady Americana mattresses provide the best night’s sleep, comfort life and durability.


Linked coils perfectly contour to each sleeper’s body shape for balanced support and proper spinal alignment.


“W” shaped coils are the latest in innerspring technology. Utilizing high tensile strength wire more effectively provides ideal comfort, support and durability.


360° STEEL ENCASED BORDER sitting on the edge of Lady Americana mattresses will not break down the border.

What separates Lady Americana from the rest of the competition?

Certified Pure 100% Latex Rubber

Our Eco-Friendly continuous process is the most efficient and consistent method of producing latex. The result is superior quality and products at the lowest cost to produce. The 12 step process includes foaming, vulcanization, washing/drying, curing, and multiple quality verifications.

Gel-Swirl Viscoelastic Foam

We have added a heat-conducting 100% polyurethane gel-polymer to our already superior slow recovery foam. The gel fully permeates throughout the cell structure of the foam. The result is a highly breathable viscoelastic foam with superior cooling properties to provide a more comfortable sleeping surface.

Supplesoft™ State of the Art Foam

Supplesoft™ is specially designed to replace the polyester fiberfill traditionally used in the top quilted layer of mattresses. It eliminates the body impressions associated with fiber fill and uses environmentally friendly production processes.

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